Free Custom Installer Development

The WebInstallâ„¢ installation client is fully customizable. Allow our experienced creative team to design an installer skin that matches the look and feel of your website or design one yourself. No design or setup fees!

Your account representative will help you:

  • Develop a custom installer skin with your branding.
  • Design effective offer screens.
  • Assist with advertiser selection.
  • Perform installer tests that provide actionable results.

Custom Installer Design & Development

Access Our Deep Advertiser Pool

Optimize Your Installer

  • Monitor results in real-time.
  • Run split & multi-variate tests.
  • Maximize return with yield-based optimization.
  • Adjust multiple parameters on the fly.
Installer A/B Testing
  • Lightweight Installer:

    Our lightweight client is served via an ultra-fast content delivery network. Streamlined performance means less abandonment.

  • Check Previous Installs:

    Avoid duplicate installs or conflicts with competing products.

  • Environment Detection:

    Target the browser and operating system of your choice.


Our powerful analytics tools are designed to maximize return from organic or paid installer traffic to give you deep insights into all facets of the install process. These insights, combined with superior customer service, will ensure that you apply best practices and stay on top of the constantly evolving software installer marketplace.

Monitor These Parameters & More:

  • Revenue
  • Installs
  • Starts
  • Revenue Per Install
  • Revenue Per Offer
  • Revenue Per Start
  • Take Rate
  • Daily Reports
  • Hourly Reports
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Offer Variations
Installer Analytics & Tracking

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